Boomerang from Instagram App Reviews

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Timer? Basics of photography

Needs a timer!!!


This is an amazing app! Works just fine on my phone and iPad! I love it! It is so much fun! I have tons of funny, silly, and cute boomerangs of my friends and I. Boomerang is awesome but I wish it was possible in more apps! Like Snapchat and Facebook. It needs to expand past Instagram. This app could be amazing and spread world-wide! I have faith in it! Also adding a clock timer for those with no one to film them! And face filters too! That would make it more popular! And awesome! Thanks but please hear my ideas!

Mistake delete!

I lost 27 video, I thought already save from iCloud and boomerang. But I so disappointed. Cant get video back. ??

Like it

This app is pretty cool


I wanna make a boomerang out of my old videos, everything else is dope


I got this for the sole purpose of using with previous videos, yet I cant. Such a disappointment. Dont waste your time.

cannot edit

cannot edit

Good app

I really like this app it is really cool I couldnt think of any one who doesnt

Fun to use, but limited application

Fun to add some movement to messages, but this apps use would definitely be improved with a countdown timer (duh! Why is this not already a feature?), and would get even more usability if existing videos could be inserted into it. And what if it somehow worked to loop Apples already existing Live Photos? Now that would be great!


Its amazing it makes us so pwetty

Love the content and how cool it is but..

I love the app and it creates a really cool animation but I hate how you cant save it when you make one, or you cant save it from someones story or page.


I wish you could use it from pre recorded videos from your camera roll

So much fun

Absolutely love to play and watch posts using BOOMERANG!!!! THANKS.....

App needs to improve to allow video from camera roll

It would be nice if the app has the capacity to use previous recorded videos.

Pre-recorded videos

There should be an option for prerecorded videos! I never have time to open boomerang when I am recording something, I really only have time to swipe left on my lock screen to open the camera. There are so many short videos that I would love to turn into boomerangs but cant!

boy is cute

the first boy with the leaves is cute, hmu @wrenjcb :-)

Boomerang needs a self timer!

I love this app but I dont always have someone to video me. If they had a 5-10 second timer, that would be awesome!!


I love making quick little looping gifs for IG with this but I need a countdown timer! STAT! Make it happen, Captain!

Fun idea; could use more flexibility

I like this app but I wish I could take longer boomerangs and convert an existing live photo to boomerang


Its great so far. I look forward to what it will become.

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